Dogo Español

What to consider when shopping a Dogo Español

Finding a puppy online entails risks. To be clear about the professionalism of the breeder with whom you contact, we recommend that you:

Make sure they are capable of answering  your questions, so that you are able to gain the nessesary knowledge of the breed. 


Check if the breeder offers to follow the puppy after the sale. Are they involved, or are they limited to fixing a price?

Check if the breeder is recommended by other breeders, or if you have references from satisfied customers.

Make sure you have the right documents, that your dogs are (or will be) registered in ACW and have their pedigree in order. Keep in mind that processing the pedigree of a puppy is not expensive, do not trust phrases like "If I give you pedigree it will be much more expensive".


Gain more information on the prices of a full bred puppy in the country you are buying from.

The Originals Kennel guarantees in relation to health problems, physical, hereditary ... We deliver all our puppies with veterinary card (passport) , chip, nessesary vaccines, deworming and veterinary reviews that are up to date?

You ask breeders to show you their facilities and let you see the specimens. Are they free of diseases?

And finally, remember that the puppies need a minimum of two months with their mother before being delivered. Do not trust any breeder that wants to accelerate this process. The Originals Kennel will reserve the rights to keep the puppies until they are ready to be delivered. This is individual from puppy to puppy and the situation in the home they are going to. From 8-12 weeks.

In addition, always have to take into account the care required by your future pet.


Take note:

In the case of the Spanish Dogo, its aesthetic maintenance is not as demanding compared to other breeds, however we must not neglect it.

Brushing occasionally with a rubber brush to remove their thick fur.

They do not require cutting.

They only need to be washed when seen necessary.

Normal maintanance for their eyes, ears and teeth.

You should go to the veterinarian as often as required, and always have your vaccinations up to date.

The Spanish Dogo breed is a functional working breed, a medium to high physical activity is recommended.


Another issues that must be taken into account are the possible pathologies of the breed:

The Spanish Dogo is a very healthy and resistant breed, so it is not prone to suffer any specific diseases although its size and weight should be monitored hip dysplasia and elbows, as well as take precautions to prevent stomach twisting.


Finally we would like to wish all future Dogo Español puppy owners, good luck with their puppy hunt :-)